Laurel Honey Berry Mask - Enzymatic Glow

Laurel Honey Berry Mask - Enzymatic Glow

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In as little as 10 minutes, this sensational, glow-getting facial mask delivers a multitude of benefits to leave you with visibly plumper, brighter and radiant skin. The multi-tasking miracle simultaneously nourishes, hydrates, exfoliates and firms, making luxury natural skin care oh-so simple.

Why we love it:

  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Updated formulation with Aronia Berry (antioxidant resveratrol rich superfood), Blackberry, Raspberries (both rich in Vitamin C) and Orange Blossom Enfleurage.
  • Raw organic California Honey purifies skin with natural anti-bacterial properties while binding moisture to your skin to leave it plumper and firmer
  • Raw blueberries offer a defensive shield of antioxidants to protect your skin from free radical-related damage
  • Steam-distilled Grapefruit essential oil tightens your pores and leaves your complexion looking more radiant
  • Simple formula with 15 beneficial active organic ingredients
  • With no fillers or water added, the mask is ultra concentrated

50 ml/1.7 oz